3D Secure – VBV, Secure Code

Increasing volume of internet based trading has brought businesses and customers together but at the same time the so called bad elements have started misusing it, like invading merchant’s web site using stolen card information. This increases merchant’s liability to protect his business against such thefts.
A high volume of chargebacks usually take place because cardholders would deny that the transaction took place with their acceptance. The cases like this are difficult to appeal against.
3 domain (3D) secure is a way to overcome such problems. 3D adds a new dimension in online shopping process by identifying the card holder at the time of shopping just like if a card holder would verify himself by entering the pin number at a Chip and Pin card reader machine. This simply moves merchant’s liability of fraud transaction to the card issuer i.e. the issuer bank.
Cogniz has got years of experience in providing 3D secure solutions. Our experts have implemented both “Verified by Visa” as well as “MasterCard Secure Code” 3D secure solutions. So whatever kind of cards you accept for payment, Cogniz will make sure only gentlemen cross your boundaries, reducing your business risk to minimum.