Support and Maintenance

Keeping up with IT can seem like trying to negotiate a maze. And when you’re running a business, you really have better things to do. You need to be able to depend on someone to guide you through.
At Cogniz, we apply the same degree of customer care to supplying business systems and software as we do to supporting them.
Many companies offer maintenance contracts. The naming will vary and they’ll guarantee different service levels and response times, but they all come down to the same thing. You have a problem, you call them out, they fix it.
At Cogniz, we think that’s fine as far as contractual obligations go, but we don’t happen to believe maintenance begins and ends with repairs.

Continuous Care

To our way of thinking, the very term maintain implies continuous care. We believe we should be looking after you all the time not just when we’re called out.
Cogniz Consultancy provides comprehensive IT support solutions based upon best practice and corporate quality standards. It was conceived to greatly simplify the provision of support services, enables a secure and reliable IT environment and provides a single point of contact to manage all IT related queries for a business. No matter what type of contract you purchase from us, we guarantee to discharge the same duty of customer care
Cogniz Consultancy provides different support and maintenance agreements for all software that it develops and for third party software. We provide special Support and maintenance packages for Mergers, Acquisitions and Breakaway sections of enterprises.
Our dedicated support group is trained in customer’s language and provide all loyalty and confidentiality of valuable information. Our support group can be easily reached at