E-Commerce Consultancy

E-Commerce is an integral part of web technology. When speaking about business and selling products, it’s equally important to sell business online and not just in offices and physical markets. We at Cogniz precisely understand the need of a highly secure yet user friendly E-commerce solution.
Cogniz provides a complete web solution for almost every business that includes Payment Gateway, Store Front, Administration Facility, Database management, and Server Hosting.

What do we have for you:

Whatever is your business nature Cogniz can provide extremely reliable solution to power boost your business. With it’s Ready to Go power pack shopping cart platform Cogniz is a preferred choice for small businesses. So far small businesses have been avoiding getting their business on the web because either they didn’t have enough resources or they lacked technical expertise to get things done.
Cogniz has a long history of successfully developing E-Commerce solutions for variety of businesses that’s why we have got every thing set to put your business on the web in record time minimize the development time, eventually providing cheapest yet highly qualitative solutions. All that you need to is populate a list of your products, pass it over to us and get prepared to sell your business online.

How are we different?

We are far ahead of our peers who provide similar E-commerce solutions. Cogniz is very flexible in its approach. Cogniz has customized its products to suit almost every industry. We can give complete web solution for your business, without making you to understand the underlying technicalities, as well as you can buy partial solutions from us like Payment Gateway, Store Front, Administration Facility, Database management, and Server Hosting to best suit your needs and can fully integrate into your existing website. Cogniz, as always, is very competitive at prices. We provide free support for first 6 months whatever E-Commerce solution you buy from us. Cogniz is always agile to give you the latest security updates time to time.
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