Healthcare Solutions

Cogniz Consultancy has been formed by the finest minds in the Information Technology and Healthcare Industries. The company founders and associates have a combined experience of over 80 years in Healthcare IT services for:

  • Patient Records Storage solutions
  • Medical Records Management
  • Medical Records Scanning, Indexing and Imaging.
  • EMR Implementation and Integration,
  • Hospital Management
  • Software Development and any bespoke web development
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Administration
  • Network and Data Security with Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Bespoke Clinical Data and/or Medical Equipment Integration

Our Motto: Making information readily available to the right people at the right time, enabling them to act quickly, safely and decisively under the new patient-centric NHS environment.
Healthcare IT Consulting
Cogniz Consultancy is a leader in healthcare IT and healthcare IT consulting. Our professionally trained information technology and Healthcare Experts provide unparalleled service for your entire healthcare IT needs. From custom-build healthcare solutions, developing HIS/ EMR systems to System Security, Patient Database Creation Services, Disaster Recovery etc, COGNIZ strives to provide the highest service standards to exceed expectations.
COGNIZ is revolutionizing the way healthcare information technology and clinical informatics are used together to provide a single solution for the healthcare industry. We are the experts in clinical information integration from disparate data sources, to enable the trust to harness the full advantage of the ‘Fully Integrated’ clinical information. Working with a sense of urgency, sensitivity and confidentiality when handling/processing all important Patient Identifiable Data and the associated medical information, we offer strategic solutions that meet all your healthcare IT needs.
Our consultants and analysts will take stock of the current setup and accordingly work with you to develop an operational strategy that will allow you to realise the desired benefits and exploit any investment. We can work with any systems by using our existing APIs or if needed, designing new interfaces to enable your organisation to function effectively and efficiently.
Hence, for any of your requirements for bespoke development for clinical data integration or medical records management solution(s), please contact us.