Timesheet Manager


Web Time Sheet is rapidly becoming a norm to use in any modern day industry. With hundreds of employees working across multiple projects it’s very difficult to keep track of their activities and to bill your clients accurately. In-fact it’s an overhead to a company.
Cogniz Time Manager (CTM) is a very useful tool also for the agencies dealing in human resource management, IT consultancy, recruitment.
CTM is a technical aid helping agencies to improve upon their quality of work and keeping their day to day tasks, like billing, transparent with their clients’ thus maintaining long term relationships and taking their businesses to new heights.


CTM is your personal robot designed and developed to walk along with you when and where you like with no maintenance required. It will suit your needs for the following:

  • create multiple employee logins, with complete control in your hands to count billing hours
  • analyze your project management by calculating time spent on each task and improve for the next project
  • add any number of projects and subprojects
  • divide a single days task into any number of projects on hourly basis
  • add comments to every division made to keep a macro record of the task done
  • add annual leaves, national holidays, and sick leaves
  • validate each entry made by an employee
  • send automatic reminders to employees to fill their time sheets in
  • efficient graphical user interface
  • Do your bit – Go green: minimize the paperwork, save the environment