Restaurant Consultancy Services

At The Restaurant Consultancy, we work in partnership with restaurateurs and pub owners to provide effective, innovative and practical solutions to the problems regularly faced within the hospitality industry. The world of food service has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Whereas in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it was fairly straightforward to define what a restaurant was, nowadays a restaurant can be one of many things. Furthermore, restaurant and are now in the most extraordinary and diverse venues.
The Restaurant Consultancy is primarily a restaurant consultancy, but we are not confined to helping what would be considered a traditional restaurant. We prefer to describe the business as a service to the restaurant industry; this encompasses any venue or establishment that serves food to the public such as café, deli, brasserie, bistro, buffet, diner, take-away, canteen, refectory, dining room, bar, pub, gastropub, eaterie, food hall…
The food service does not need to be commercial; we can advise a charities and social enterprises alongside well known high street restaurants and pub brands. In fact, any establishment that serves food is considered a restaurant and as such could benefit from restaurant consultancy.
The Restaurant Consultancy’s purpose is to bring the combination of an experienced and trusted Team together with modern dynamic thinking. We aspire to transform good innovative and pro-active ideas into a tangible benefits to your business.
Please get in touch to explore more about our dedicated services which can be customised for your current issues.