We differ in our approach to outsourcing. Cogniz believes for outsourcing to work, the offshore team must operate as a seamless extension of the client team, and imbibe their work culture and engineering practices for a sustained partnership. To deliver this, we establish dedicated Offshore Development Centres (ODCs) staffed with right-fit resources across technology and domain expertise who work only for you.
Our primary aim is to strike the right staffing balance, and we can efficiently supplement your ODC whenever needed by deploying specialist resources and scaling team sizes to cover temporary spikes. Cogniz engagement analysts work closely with our clients to design the best engagement model for them.

Reduced rates :

You will just not only get the cost benefit due to offshore operations but also better rates than project based hourly billed offshore engagements.

You know your cost :

Since the resources are working on monthly basis, you don’t have to worry about keeping track f their work on hourly basis. Even if they work extra hours or at times on weekends, your monthly burn rate doesn’t get a hit.

Strong relationships :

Since the resources work on long term basis, they form a strong bond with onsite team and a reason to put that extra effort to make sure everyone’s targets are achieved.

Consistent Deliveries :

Your methodologies gets imbibed in the team, thus leading to deliveries of same standard as by your onsite team

Fast turn around times :

With the passage of time, resource get deeper understanding of your domains and technologies. Turn around time tends to get faster and faster with each delivery.

Full control :

you can manage the offshore team dynamically as per project requirements.