Web Development

Cogniz delivers bespoke software solutions that exactly matches your business needs and provides competitive advantage based on the business processes, rather than compromising business procedures to fit into a package solution.
We are confident in our ability to deliver projects on time, to specifications and on budget
More options – More ambiguity. With so many web development companies to choose from it’s a hell of work to find out a value for money solution provider. We at Cogniz believe in simplifying the problems by breaking up the big tasks into small chunks and recommend you to clear your thought process answering the following magic questionnaire and choose yourself a web developer:
How to choose a web site developer:

  • What is your business nature; do you want a static web site or do you want dynamic contents in your web site?
  • Do you want to have any E-Commerce content like shopping cart mechanism involved in your website? – What level of security do you want for your website?
  • How much traffic you recognize you would have during the peak?
  • Do you want your website to be developed from scratch or you already have got a website, and how much amount of work you recognize in both cases?
  • Do you want your web site to be Search Engine Optimized i.e do you wish your web site to be visible on the first page of a search engine?
  • Do you want any web hosting services?
  • How much involvement you want during Web Site Development Life Cycle work?
  • What is your budget and how much time you want to make your web site up and running?

Once you have answered/scored and priorities majority or all these questions have a quick word with solution providers and choose the one who best fits your top priorities, and there is your answer.
Vast wealth of Software Development experience makes Cogniz a preferred IT solution provider, with its unique hand made solutions, for almost every kind of business as well for private websites. To list a few, Cogniz provides the following solutions:

  • Best practice to develop a web solution is to understand the customer needs better than the customer itself. Cogniz remains in continuous touch with its clients, through out the development work, and practices best software development methodologies like Agile methodology, Extreme programming, Eva (Evolution mechanism for flexible Agent) to name a few.
  • We understand the value of bringing your business to majority of internet users. Right from the beginning our expert team develops client’s web site in such a way that it is easily crawled by the giant search engines like Google and Yahoo for its content rather than depending on overloaded Meta tags and forcing you to pay thousands of pounds to search engine optimizers.
  • You ask us and you got it. With us you will find your e-business at highest level of security. You can define the level of security depending upon your business requirements and we will give you most secured solutions.
  • A very common yet very big misunderstanding is made thinking of the work done once the web site is made live on the server. Website development work is never ending process and it grows as your business grows. Any changes made in the business should also reflect on the website. Cogniz provides full support and does the maintenance work whether or not you are its existing client.

We provide all kind web solutions despite the underlying technologies demanded by our customers like ASP.Net, C#, Java, EJBs, Agile, C++, ASP, JSP, HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, MS Server, Oracle, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat and IIS etc, to name a few.